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No Fear No Favour

Richa Anirudh’s daughter ‘Aaj Jane Ki Zidd Na Karo’ and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ covers will surely made your day.

Typically we believe that if one person in a family is talented, then, by simple subtraction, the other one isn’t. But the truth is that talent runs in a family. All the kids tend to be artistic to some degree, just in different ways. Yes, and that turns out to be true for famous TV Anchor and RJ Richa Anirudh’s family. When Ayesha’s mother Richa Anirudh is a celebrity because of her calm manner and excellent Anchoring skills, she has extremely powerful voice which gives some tough competition to Adele and Farida Khanum.

Richa Anirudh recently tweeted two songs sung by her daughter Ayesha, First one is the famous classic gazal by Farida Khanum’s ‘Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo’ and yes she excels every notes. Check it here.

But then, Richa tweeted Ayesha’s second song cover and it’s a whole 360` turn from the previous one. Ayesha covers British Pop singer Adele Grammy Award winning song ‘Rolling In The Deep’ and yes excels here too. Check it`

It’s about time when Ayesha will become another celebrity in Anirudh’s family, because after her 2 diverse covers, we became her fan too.

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