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Ravi Shastri lived life Mallya style: Sameer Bahadur

Getting the Indian Coach’s job is nowadays the most coveted job in the world. Its loss can make even normal guys go up in smoke. Or, so believes Ravi Shastri- the man who after Mallaya, loves to live life kingsize, nothing less. While BCCI made it a transparent and fair system this time, Shastri’s refusal to accept the stark reality has unfortunately for the BCCI, now turned it into yet another controversy. It all started after Ravi Shastri accused Sourav Ganguly of being disrespectful to him by not being present during the interview. Dada has hit back at the former team director. If Shastri was serious, he should have been present in Kolkata and not in Thailand, said the former India captain. From Ravi’s statements, one got the feeling that he pinned the blame for not getting the top job due to Ganguly’s views or opinion. Shastri has spent all his life chasing, and getting things as Entitlements/right’. He believes that he is God’s special creation and that he should always be the numero uno in whatever he does. Whether it is his own cricket, his various assignments, his commentary – he should always have the first right. While he speaks well, he should look at his own attitude to life, to find an answer to his getting ignored for the Indian coach’s job. He should look at things that could have gone against his candidature- his age, his weight and size, his definition of Enjoyment and making merry, which borders on indiscipline…Kumble, apart from being a far bigger cricketer himself is a winner on every count. Shastri should just accept his loss gracefully. In fact, BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke ahs said that not just Ganguly. but also Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman favored Anil Kumble over Shastri.

It is difficult for Ravi Shastri to accept that someone else can be considered ahead of him. After nearly 4 decades, first as an ordinary, limited cricketer and then as a commentator and BCCI administrator, he has been used to being given top priority. Let someone else also be given an opportunity.

Writer Sameer Bahadur  is Cricket Expert.

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