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Rahul turns emotional hugs woman teacher on listening to her plight

In a gesture that touched many hearts, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi hugged a part-time woman lecturer after listening to her plight during an interactive session with the teaching community of Gujarat. Ranjana Avasthi, a PhD holder. With a chocked voice, Ranjana Avasthi explained how several Lecturers in Gujarat like her are being “denied” their basic right, be it adequate remuneration, medical leaves or Pension. Ranjana Avasthi, a PhD holder, was among the lecturers, professors and school teachers invited to attend a session with Mr Gandhi, who is on a two-day campaign, who is on a two-day campaign tour of Gujarat ahead of the first phase of Assembly polls next month.

Moved by Ms Avasthi’s representation, Rahul Gandhi who was holding his mike and listening to her plight paused for a moment and said, “ Sometimes, you cant answer some questions with words.”
The 47-year-old-Congress vice president then puts down his mike on a dais and walked towards the lecturer, sitting on the middle row of the hall, to console her.

Rahul Gandhi spoke with Ms Avasthi for a while and hugged her before returning to the stage, surprising the audience with his impromptu gesture which must have touched many hearts.

He promised the teaching fraternity that if the Congress comes to power, it will focus on building a robust public education and healthcare system in Gujarat.
Rahul Gandhi termed the fixed-pay system of the Gujarat government as “unfair” and promised to change it. The policy was introduced by the Gujarat government in 2006, wherein such direct recruits were only entitled to get a fixed salary for a period of five years.

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