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Priyanka Gandhi : The Saviour “face” of Congress

“Like the genie out of the jar, she comes out to grant wishes.” Priyanka Gandhi, the influential “face” of Congress in elections, is all set to be the chief campaigner of the UP elections. Why is it that the party plays her out as a trump card during elections to gain the attention of the youth rather than making her the actual face of the triumph.

Why is it that her role is restricted to places? Be it Amethi or Rae Bareilly. And now UP. It’s time that she steps up and perhaps replace Rahul Gandhi whom many proclaim has failed to accomplish what was necessary. Party secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad says that he wants Priyanka’s role to be expanded. While there were others from the opposition taking a dig at her.

The major concern at this point of time is the involvement of a leader like Priyanka Gandhi and its extents concerning the youth and the public in general. Till when she’ll be just a face is what raises eyebrows and has Rahul Gandhi actually failed?

All this Congress “Family Affairs” brings about a matter of concern. Apart from the political turmoil, do they have any existence whatsoever? The cork in the water here is that Are these elections a battle of wits and leaders or a vie of faces?

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