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Priyanka Chopra will touch your hearts with her very first Marathi song ‘Baba’

Okay, just one question to you Priyanka Chopra – How do you manage to surprise us every damn time? First you conquered Bollywood, then music, then Hollywood and just when we thought that was about it, here you come up with this yet another heart-winning piece – a song debut in Marathi. I mean, wow! What an all rounder! For all the ignorant, Priyanka, who’s producing a Marathi film – Ventilator, has lent her voice to this beautiful song, ‘Baba’ dedicated to all you fathers. The video has just hit the web which shows Priyanka getting her notes right at a recording studio and boy, has she won over our hearts with her very first Marathi song?

Priyanka despite being a non-Maharashtrian and belonging more towards the West , has managed to get her Marathi pronunciation so damn right. No accent, no rolling the tongue, it’s just a perfect blend of emotions and soulfulness and we think she truly deserves a bow down for this one. Not to mention, the lyrics and the music too of this song are so touching that you will be overwhelmed the minute you hear it. What a heart-touching composition. Trust me, few seconds into the song and you would be choked with memories you’ve shared with your dad. Thank you Priyanka for making us nostalgic in the most beautiful way…

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