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Pregnant woman carried in sling for 16 km to hospital in Odisha, Shocking!

The sorry tale of a healthcare system in Odisha yet again came to fore after a pregnant woman had to be carried on a stretcher on a 16 km long journey to a hospital in Kalahandi district.

The incident was reported from Kansabundel village in Trilochanpur under Lanjigarh block. Sources said the woman who writhed in labour pain was taken on a 102 ambulance but she was left midway after the ambulance had to stop because of a road blockade due to a fallen tree.

The kin of the woman had to carry her on a stretcher for 16 km and later she was shifted to Lanjigarh hospital through an ambulance from Chhatighati.

Braja Kishore Brahma, CDMO Kalahandi said, “We had arranged for all facilities but due to extremely poor connectivity to the remote areas we have been unable to reach out to them.”

It must be mentioned this is the same village where few days back a chilling incident of ambulance failure was reported. A woman named Maladi Majhi had to be carried on a stretcher after a 102 ambulance failed to turn up. The incident led to the death of her unborn child.

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