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Pornstar Is Not Your Next Prime Minister Britain!

Oh Teresa you poor little girl, thanks to the ignorance of some of the twitter users about the new prime minister of Britain Theresa May, the erotic model of UK received tons of congratulations tweets who were not even for her. It all happened when Britain’s New Prime Minister, Theresa May was confused with an erotic model with the same name, whose name is spelled ‘Teresa May.’ Now you see how the confusion came into the place. People on twitter started congratulating the latter. It was after a while when the model tweeted this:

Teresa May was born in 19 Dec 1967, and worked in movies like ‘Nude and Naughty’ “Petticoat Passions Vol. 1” and “Lesbian Student Nurses, she even wrote a book named ‘My Body is in your hands’, if you really want to congratulate her do it for her own accomplishments. Silver lining is as soon as the news broke Teresa May gets around 2000 new twitter followers in one day. She also changed her Twitter bio to read, “I am a UK Glamour model, not the Prime Minister” and revealed she’d experienced an upsurge in the number of her followers. On the other hand the actual Theresa May, her 59-year-old political namesake is around a decade older. She served as Home Secretary for six years, before Conservative Party members selected her as their leader, earning her the Prime Ministership.

We congratulate both Theresa May “Next prime minister of England” and Teresa May “UK Glamour Model” for their success in life.

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