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Pornhub’s new tweet about Sandeep Kumar will surely tickle your funny bone!

Amidst all the controversies going rounds against AAP and that CD featuring ex-AAP minister Sandeep Kumar, there’s surprisingly good news for him with a new job offer! And the funny part is that Mr. Sandeep has some prior experience in the field too. Yes, Mr. Sandeep the worldwide website ‘Pornhub’ has itself extended its arms to embrace you as their own employee. They have also announced this news globally by tweeting about it.

Soon after a CD containing explicit content was delivered to AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal’s house, the Delhi CM sacked Sandeep Kumar within just 30 minutes. According to the reports, the CD contained a nine minute video with Sandeep Kumar in a compromising position with two women. The CD also had eleven photographs to make the evidences stronger against him.

AAP ministers are turning out to be an irony to their own party motto which has a zero intolerance policy against corruption and scandals. Sandeep kumar is the third minister who has been removed from the party in their 19 months tenure.
To a surprise, while his oath taking ceremony Mr. Kumar said, “I touch my wife’s feet every morning”. Even if he has not really been faithful to his party policies and his wife, this major internet site Pornhub seems to remain faithful for him, forever!

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