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Dented in Haryana, Denied in Maharastra, Defeated in Jharkhand, this is the new BJP

With the results of Jharkhand CM elections, the poll clearly shows the results in favour of Congress, JMM and Rashtriya Janta Party, who have joined together to form a single party. Now with the results, BJP has lost control over one more state. With the fall of the year, BJP has so far lost half the control over the country.

With the Vidhan Sabha election results, the statistics clearly stated that BJP who was the most powerful party in the nation is losing the support of the public. In the elections of Haryana, BJP was ahead only by few seats, later in Maharastra due to all the political crises, BJP did not form the government and later on Shiv Sena along with NCP and Congress formed the government, and now PM Modi led BJP has lost elections in Jharkhand.

To this P Chidambaram tweeted, “Dented in Haryana, Denied in Maharastra, Defeated in Jharkhand. That is the story of BJP in 2019. All non-BJP parties must raise their sights and rally around the Congress to save the Constitution of India.”

In 2018, BJP party was ruling about 71% of India, and by the end of 2019, BJP ruling is has come down to 35%, this record clearly states that the Modi government is losing the confidence and support with the public.

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