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No Fear No Favour

Politician in Pakistan pointed his pistol at traffic police, watch the video.

Every time Pakistan blames us for wrong practices and puts allegation that Indians are the one who are responsible for the insensibility among both countries because according to them we are more violent, fools and silly people who are in the habit of spreading turbulence by attacking them rather to believe that they are the one who break rules and go behind the limits.

Here is the example of what Pakistani politician did in Peshawar just in order to exempt himself from paying the fine for his vehicle as he broke traffic rules over there
A politician pointed his pistol at policemen in Peshawar today (Friday) following a dispute over challan.

According to our correspondent, Muhammad Gul, who is said to be a local leader of Awami National Party (ANP), pointed his gun on traffic policeman after his vehicle was fined for tinted glasses and breaking traffic signals.

Infuriated over the challan, Muhammad Gul had an altercation with traffic police personnel and later pointed his pistol on the cop.

Meanwhile, police arrested the man and forced him to pay the fine but this show that how irresponsible they are and who is spreading the insensibility the nation.

Watch the video here:

Video Credit: NewsX

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