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No Fear No Favour

Police cheer up the older couple with pasta dinner.

When four Italian police officers entered an apartment in Rome, their hearts broke for what they found inside. They were responding to reports of loud sobbing inside the apartment. When they entered the home, they found Michele and Jole, an elderly couple who were overcome with sadness.

Not only had the television news made them sad, but they were suffering from loneliness, as they had not had visitors in quite some time.

Instead of leaving when they found no evidence of a crime, the police officers showed compassion for the elderly couple in their time of need. They cooked them a pasta dinner with butter and cheese.

At the moment, Rome police are running a summer PR campaign, called “#EsserciSempre” (We’re Always There). The story of Jole and Michele was too good not to be used on their Facebook page as a positive example of what the police force can achieve. ‘So nice to read a positive story about police’, wrote Facebook user. ‘We need more love and concern for others in our world’.

It was indeed a sweet gesture by Rome Police, UP police we are watching you!

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