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PM Modi’s demonetization is making couples get married just for 2.5 Lakhs! Bizzare enough?

Getting married in foreign countries to get the ‘green card’ is one of the most common things in India. But nowadays couples in India are actually getting married to get 2.5 Lakhs! And that too because of PM Modi. Bizzare enough?

After the announcement that families can withdraw Rs 2.5 lakh for a wedding from one bank account, some unscrupulous elements have resorted to procuring fake marriage cards to avail the relaxation. Wedding cards printers in Shahmatganj area in Bareilly have been doing brisk business. A shopkeeper on condition of anonymity claimed that he has already received dozens of orders to print “single” wedding card after the relaxation came into effect.

The fake wedding cards ranging from Rs 150-200 are now available with almost all wedding card printers. Customers come here with details to be printed and demand that they need only a couple of wedding cards and shopkeepers have started obliging them.

“This is an old trick which mostly Army and police personnel resort to when they want to go on leave. I was sure that people who want to make heavy withdrawals have resorted to this trick. It is no rocket science, just a trick already in practice,” said a shopkeeper in Bada Bazaar area.

Families with weddings — both from the side of bride and groom — were left to fend for cash in the aftermath of demonetisation. Such families complained that they were left with nowhere to go after the sudden announcement.

Meanwhile, public sector as well as private banks told customers that since they had not received the RBI guidelines on relaxation in cash withdrawal for weddings, the maximum limit in their internal systems was restricted at Rs 2,000 instead of the permitted Rs 2.5 lakh for wedding purpose.

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