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Pakistani boy singing ‘Aaj Parhne Ki Zidd Na Karo’ is going viral on the Internet, Watch it here.

Ever since the alarming Uri attacks took place this year, India’s relations with neighboring country Pakistan took a dramatic turn. The already complex relationships between two countries hit all-time low with both the sides mutually boycotting on several occasions. Despite the bitterness, both India and Pakistan have not stopped appreciating each other’s talent or art. One such occasion is the Pakistani student’s musical version of evergreen song Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo. The viral video of the student singing Aaj Padhane Ki Zidd Na Karo to his teacher is breaking the internet.

The video posted by Twitter user Taimoor Zaman has a college-goer singing Aaj Padhane Ki Zidd Na Karo to his much-amused professor. With the lyrics changed, the young man is requesting his teacher not to take the classes. Apart from the witty lyrics perfectly fitting in the song, one cannot stop appreciating the student’s melodious voice. Living up to the standards of Pakistan who are well known to produce great singers, this college student is winning hearts all around. Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo sung by great singers Habib Wali Mohammad, Farida Khanum and Asha Bhosle would not be disappointed to hear this boy’s version.

Our neighbors are definitely rich in having melodious singers and gorgeous model-looking tea sellers! Arshad Khan, Pakistan’s famous chaiwala and Internet’s latest obsession became an overnight star after the 18-year-old was photographed pouring tea by photographer Javeria Ali. His unbelievable story from being a chaiwala to a model is a matter of keen interest among netizens.

Watch it here:

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