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Out of 7 billion Populations in the world 6 billion are using cell phone but only 4.5 billion have toilets- World Toilet Day Special

On World Toilet Day, immerse yourself in history of a different kind i.e. during a survey organised by world health organisation it is found that out of every 7 billion people there are only 4.5 billion people who can afford toilet or sanitation but the figure on graph goes very high when it comes to afford cell phones there are 6 billion people out of every 7 billion who have cellphones.

This shows how insensibility we are spreading among our coming generation and pushing them towards the doom of ignorance toward the importance of having a proper sanitation system for the whole family as this doesn’t sounds well that Mother, Sister and wife of our nation who take care of the whole house and family are going in open places for outhouse activity i.e. latrine & toilet.

So on this international toilet day we should take a pledge that from now onwards we are not going to perform the outhouse activity in the open places and will not let anyone by spreading the awareness about importance of toilet and sanitation system.

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