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Ohh, I Love Your Jacket, Says Sushma Swaraj To Her Replica!

If we make a list of best use of social media than External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj would’ve probably topped the list. She has gained admiration for the prompt help she usually provides to those in need, Look at complaints and try to solve them, bringing back missing or stranded Indians, recovering lost documents, and not to mention her good sense of humour.

Recently, she helped bring several jobless Indians back from Saudi Arabia. She has also had several frivolous requests made to her, like the time when a man informed her that his car was emitting black smoke and a woman who said that if Sushma had a son she’d be the minister’s daughter-in-law, and she handled every requests like a boss.

On Friday night, Sushma Swaraj congratulated a Twitter user for a quite different reason. One twitter user named Rajesh Sharma, had tweeted a picture of his daughter in a fancy dress competition, dressed up as the External Affairs Minister. Sushma Swaraj responded to the user, telling him that was she loved the most about his daughter’s costume was the jacket.

“Oh! I love your jacket”, Swaraj replied to Rajesh Sharma.

Elated, the user responded, “mam…you are too good…today my daughter is so happy…she said now i do not want any award..i got it from Ms. Sushma swaraj”. Other twitter users also praised the minister for her tweet, calling her ‘caring’ and an ‘angel’.

We also think Mrs. Swaraj is right about the jacket.

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