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No Fear No Favour

Now just say ‘Hellopanditji’… and Panditji is at your doorstep!

India is a busy country you know and so are people. No one has time to invest in going shopping thus, it gave birth to digital India. India has grown to be so digital that even the methods of ‘Puja’ have changed.

People who like to buy everything over the Internet, now there is a good news for them. You can find a ‘Panditji’ on the Internet. Yes, now you are free from the hustle of going to the ‘mandir’ and calling the ‘Panditji’ again and again to get the time fixed. All you have to do is visit the website and wolla the appointment is fixed. So freaking simple.


Not only this, you can shop for all the ‘Puja samgrahi’ and get it delivered at your doorstep. According to the demand, there are different ‘puja’s and pandit’s’ and they have different fees. The more experienced the ‘panditji’ the more is the fees. You know how cost rises when the demand rises… it’s simple economics!

And ya! If you are an NRI costumer or you cannot be physically present in the country then the website offers you a cool feature of video conferencing puja. Now that’s what we call a Digital India right?

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