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Noida Police escapes a Amity student from being kidnapped by his own brother!

Noida Police escapes Amity law Student from being kidnapped; kidnapper turns out to be his own brother! You all must have heard that proverb in hindi “Chor chor mausere bhai”. But imagine if a mausera bhai or even your cousin brother tried to kidnap you for a ransom amount as big as 5 crores?

One such kidnapping almost happened with a law student from Amity Noida. Almost happened, because of the tremendous efforts of police they gang couldn’t kidnap him. Noida police has grabbed one of their biggest achievements by arresting two kidnappers who failed in their mission. The group of goons was trying to kidnap their own cousin, for a ransom amount of 5 crores but only because of the continuous efforts of Noida Police, they were not able to accomplish their mission.

The boy who was expected to be abducted by the kidnappers was a law student from Amity Noida. The IG of Noida zone Mr. Ajay Anand talked to NewsLeakCentre, about the incident and said that, “We need to alert students about this incident. Students must be cautious while going to unfamiliar places”. The incident took place near Noida Phase 3 police station where there was a gun battle between the police and the goons. The police somehow managed to abduct two out of the five kidnappers and three of them managed to escape. The police also seized a pistol and one car.


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