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Noida: 8-month pregnant women died with pain, as all the hospitals denied to admit.

By Vanshika Thakur

 The painful and embarrassing news that has come out from Ghaziabad is proving that our system, our hospitals, doctors, government are left in the name and not of work, because if these lessons were left only for work, today a mother and her 8-month-old baby in her womb, would not have been saved.

 In fact, a family of Khoda of Ghaziabad left with a 8-month-old pregnant woman out of the house at 6 in the morning due to a sudden pain in her abdomen and so that she would be admitted to a hospital to get the delivery done.  Not a single hospital in Noida admitted this 8-month pregnant woman.  For 13 hours, the woman groaned in pain, pleading to admit herself at in front of different hospitals, but no hospital admitted her.  The family departed from the house at 6 am and the woman died in the ambulance at 7:30 pm, the mother as well as the child in her womb died.  According to the family of Noida hospitals like –ESI hospital, District Hospital, Sharda Hospital, GIMS, Max Hospital, Vaishali , Fortis Noida , Shivalik Hospital, Noida are the ones responsible.

Fearing corona virus all these hospitals refused treatment.  The woman was breathless, begging for life of her and her baby’s.  THIS IS NOT JUST THE DEATH BUT MURDER of a pregnant woman and her child, this death is the death of the entire system, hospitals and the governmentswho is running the whole system.  Now tell me, how shall the justice be served?  Should not a case of murder be registered against the culprits by investigating this matter?

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