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No, Daddy, Don’t! A Pet Owner’s Revenge

In an act of revenge, a man threw his pet puppy off his first-floor balcony in Gurgaon for damaging his laptop, DTH cables on Tuesday night. The four-month-old puppy has been admitted in CGS Pet Hospital with a broken leg and will be operated upon soon. This act of revenge has been confirmed by the wife of the accused.
Animal lovers said this is not an isolated incident and cases of insensitivity against animals are on the rise. In July last year, two medical students had flung a stray from their private college terrace in Chennai while holding her just by the ear and skin. The video footage of throwing the dog off the terrace had gone viral causing outrage amongst animal rights activists who had filed a FIR with the police leading to the culprits’ arrest.

Watch the video here:

Video courtesy: News24

Similarly, a psychopath was found stabbing dogs to death at the Green Park Metro Station in Delhi, and an unemployed Dwarka resident chopped off the hind legs of a puppy with a hacksaw when it scratched him in December 2016.
The laws for animal protection in India remain ineffective and have not been updated for the past 56 years. The punishment for cruelty to animals in India is a fine of Rs 50 for a first-time offender who can walk free after having paid the insignificant sum. A second-time offender faces a fine of Rs 100 and up to 3 months of imprisonment. Also, Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code, which regards killing and maiming of an animal, gives a maximum punishment of five years that has so far not been given to anyone.

Activists lament about the lax laws and their implementation is even more pathetic. One activist rues that, “Our whole struggle comes to a nought when these people simply get a bail and escape with a fine of just Rs 50.”

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