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NLC Satire: School student’s watched Lok Sabha debate one day and said our normal classroom environment is quite similar too.

We always say Lok Sabha house is like a classroom where different personalities collide in the same room. From snoozers like Rahul Gandhi, to not coming to school at all like (half the MP’s) and most importantly a helpless teacher or in lower house case a Speaker who seemed to have no idea about how to control the class. So, NewsleakCentre invites a bunch of school students to watch a Lok Sabha debate and asked them whether it has an uncanny resemblance with their school classroom.

School students, watching the raucous about demonetisation on LokSabha, were stunned to see MPs springing to their feet and shouting at the slightest provocation, caring little for the speaker.
“Parliament resembles a school with a helpless teacher (the speaker) taking care of a bunch of hooligans. And he has nothing to tame them with,” one student said after watching the Lok Sabha session.
“Classrooms are much better that these parliament sessions, we guys do fight with each other, but that just strengthens our bond. These people (MPs) seem to be fighting each other with the intention to kill.” said another student.

Lok Sabha Speaker always looked formidable as he/she constantly chided members – like a teacher does to errant schoolchildren – for disrupting MPs who were speaking or for simply not sitting in their seats and roaming around when the crucial topics were discussed in the house.
Though Lok Sabha speaker futile efforts to control the house evoked sympathy from youngsters, even those who have played a prank or two with their teachers and principal.

One such student who seemed to watch Lok Sabha house debate for the first time said “The parliament session has no resemblance with our school. It’s shameful. Our school principal is way stronger than the speaker or deputy speaker. They are completely helpless. Unlike MPs, our fellow students are more disciplined.”

He though saw a reflection of some of her classmates in Congress leader Rahul Gandhi whom she found snoozing during the debate. “When I saw a snoozing Rahul Gandhi then I could relate to parliament, but school is much “better organised than parliament,”.

Students later agreed on a part that their classroom is much better than Lok Sabha house. “It is an insult to schools to call the Lok Sabha a classroom! Even the kids in a school are not that boisterous and ill mannered. I can never imagine my classmates or myself for that matter yelling at a teacher! I wonder if they ever attended school. In fact, they need to!”

By: Saket Sharma.

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