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NLC Satire: Oppositions don’t be happy, those five percent shop owners who close their shops on ‘Bharat Bandh’ is only because of marriage celebrations or holidays.

All the hassle and tussle that went down at Lok Sabha on Saturday. Even our ever silent former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh raises his voice over Demonetisation issue, and you know when Manmohan Singh raises his voice then it would probably be a big deal. And this big back and forth war of words between Government and Opposition leads to All India Ban on November 28th .

Much to the fanfare, the end results are a disaster and more than 90% shops owners decided to open their shops on ‘Bandh’ ( in North India) but for a relief some five percent shop owners decided to shut down their shops for some reasons are not to open their shops on Monday.

Arvind Kejriwal , Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati all were happy that five percent shop owners were joined hands with them and decide to close their shops. Even Arvind Kejriwal announces 30K voluntary money for all those Delhi shop owners who decided to take part in All India Ban.

NewsleakCentre talked to some of those five percent shop owners who have decided to shut down their shops on November 28th. One such owner at Chawri Bazaar said to us that he did shuts his shop today, but it’s not because he supports Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi it’s actually because it was his turn to join the Bank’s ATM line. He said- “Yes I closed my shop today, but it’s because it was my turn today to join the long ATM queues, My whole family has decided to give one day in a week to wait in ATM queues and today is my turn, also i took some of my friends who are also shop owners as i know it will take me more than 5 hours. I don’t support oppositions. Heck, i don’t even know there’s nationwide ban today”.

Our reporter went to one shop owner house where he saw the merchant family were all sitting and watching India-England cricket match, when asked about the ban, shop owner said he knew about Nationwide ban but that’s not the reason he closed his shop today, it’s because he wanted to spend some time with his family. “Ever since Modiji informed us about ‘Note Bandi’ our whole family were either on the Bank lines or ATM lines, (Or how to convert Black money too, papa. His 7 years old boy shouts out loud, but his wife took son inside before he speaks anymore) haha the boy is joking he said and gently said our reporter to leave the house.

One shop owner informed us that there’s marriage celebration going on his house, another just informed us that he needed one day alone where no one is talking about Demonetisation or Arvind Kejriwal, Modiji or anyone.

Shop owner at janpath who like 95 % of shop owners open his shop today said he didn’t know about the nationwide ban at all. “Wait, there a Ban? Today!! Chutti tum sabki, he shouts to his worker. Dear Zindagi ya Match dekho jao aaj. And he closes his shop too.

BY : Saket Sharma

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