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NLC Satire: How to make your money white ? just make relations strong with your relatives.

After Modi government put a ban on the old 500 and 1000 Rs notes, people with black money are thinking up various ways to turn it into white. With bank deposits up to 2 Lakh rupees not raising any suspicion, most people are using this method. But because of the limit, they keep asking what should they do next, well we have a good answer for you, make your relations with your relatives strong. Yes, all those relatives whom you forgot since you decided to move on from family.

Call more than your 100 close relatives, yes all those too whom you find quite annoying on the family gathering, and parties, and asked them to keep your 2 Lakh rupees in their bank account.

Akshay an engineering student shared his experience to NewsLeakCentre, when he came to know that he has so many relatives and all of them asked him to keep their 2 Lakh in his account.

“I thought I have a dozen relatives in total, I rarely hear from them so hard to remember. When I met with an accident and was in the hospital, a few of them came to visit so I remember their faces as well. However, now I find out that I have over a 100 relatives and dozens of friends. The phone has been ringing off the hook for the last 3 days as people I don’t even know are calling me”, Anuj said.

“They start out by asking about my job, health etc before coming to the main point. They discuss whether I have any funds in 500-1000 notes and when I tell them I don’t, they ask me to deposit their 2 Lakhs. Now I am confused which relative should I help out”, he added.

When we asked Anuj whether he has faced any problem after the ban on old currency notes, he said, “I am an engineer, as long as the paan wala keeps giving credit, I am good.”

So find people like Anuj if you are one of them who is disturbed about the Demonetized scheme, this is the good time to make your relations strong with your relatives and also to save yourself, thank us later.

By: Saket Sharma

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