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#NLC Satire: Ever Since Arnab Goswami left ‘The NewsHour’ panellists started hearing their voices on the show too.

Frequent panelists on Times Now’s prime-time debate program, The Newshour, are thankful for the sheer joy of being able to hear their own voice and the overwhelming feelings of being able to complete their sentences fully without being interrupted.

When asking about post-Arnab experience at The Newshour, One panelist told to newsleakcentre . “There is the Youtube video of the deaf baby who is able to hear the human voices, including his own, for the first time, after being fitted with the hearing aide. The baby’s joy is just priceless !!! That is exactly how I felt when I was able to hear my own voice on the Newshour for the first time !!

AAP party member Ashutosh Recounting his earlier experiences on the Arnab era Newshour said, “With the Arnab, I could not hear my own voice and I still used to talk. Once in a while, the audiance wud laugh after I said something and I used to realize that way that I had said something stupid, like filibusting or simply ‘the’ing random people or things. Also, I figured out that I would never really be able to complete any sentence, so I started shortening my sentences to 2-3 words, like in the bank-e-scam episode. Of course, soon later, AAP boycotted the Arnab. Now, thank the God, there is no need for all these struggles !!! The journalism is back in the Times Now !!!”

While being strong opponents in every other topic under the sun, in this regard, however, The Ashutosh found strong consonance from a rival spokesperson, the BJP’s Sambit Patra. “I can fully understand what The Ashu went through and how he must’ve also finally felt yesterday. I too, could often never hear what I myself used to squeal but soon enough, even though the topic would be in our favor, the hot seat would somehow shift to mine and I would often be blasted for something the Congress or the AAP did. Even though I haven’t gone to the post-Arnab Newshour, I can fully feel what The Ashu feels,” Patra added.

According to sources, the Congress party too is mulling a return to The Newshour. “Boy, I can’t wait to return to the Newshour and finally be able to talk about 2002 at length,” a thrilled Congress worker said.
Meanwhile, Arnab is busy working on his new silence free Yoga meditation center.

BY: Saket Sharma.

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