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NLC Satire: End of Car-O-Bar, Supreme Court bans roadside liquor shops.

On Thursday, Supreme Court backed government decision of banning Liquor shops on highways. This led to all India protest from several sections of people as they now don’t have options to booze on the highways.
College goers are now worried as now their ‘Highway par karenge Party’ fun will be stopped. One such student told to NewsLeakCentre, that they are looking for some alternates. “Yes we do enjoyed Dhaba+Daaru on the highways, the rates were cheap too but after the ban we are looking for alternatives, we used to love Honey singh – Badshah songs while drinking on the highways too, they seem very much relatable that time.
One big Congress leader came forward to support protestors, he said that the government don’t want people to enjoy the life, first they ban Porn then they decided to ban 500, 1000 rs notes and now all of a sudden they ban liquor shops on highways. What is this, did the government not have a heart for drivers? How will they stay all night now?

Whereas AAP questions the PM decision about Liquor Ban on the highways; he said he would like to know the reason behind the ban, maybe the initiative was only to benefit certain corporate firms said the AAP leader. Much to the disappointment of AAP leader, No company put a big congratulatory message for PM on daily newspapers. He seems reluctant to blame anyone for it.

Meanwhile, Truck drivers around the nation ask their bosses for salary increment as they now don’t have an option to drink on the Highways. Driver union leader told to NewsLeakCentre that this ban makes him worry about journeys now. “Earlier I used to get extra money for booze and foods, my boss usually gave me extra money to buy Bacardi/Kingfisher brands on the highways but being a good driver I mostly settles for our own ‘Desi’ and save some money in the process. But since the Highway liquor ban making rounds, my boss cuts the extra travelling cost, and I only getting money for foods, so I think this is the perfect time to ask for salary raise” said Driver Union Leader.

BY: Saket Sharma

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