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NLC Satire: Chain smokers should come to Delhi now as breathing here is like smoking 40 cigarettes.

Chain smokers from around the country should move to Delhi after the heavy smog in the capital. As per reports, breathing in Delhi is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day, with the ever increasing prices of cigarettes, smokers are seeing it as an opportunity to save money.

As per reports, Delhi is experiencing the worst smog in 17 years. Some schools have been shut down to protect kids from this air and the Chinese government has criticised Beijing residents for letting Delhi beat it in pollution levels.

A 20 cigarette pack costs 250 Rs and government is going to increase a tax on cigarettes. Usually, smoking habit becomes a huge financial burden on people and many unable to quit despite giving best efforts. So the latest report that breathing in Delhi feels like you are smoking 40 cigarettes a day, is a daily saving of 500 Rs, the monthly saving of 15,000 with the current rates and this saving is only going to increase.

It’s a golden opportunity for smokers as they don’t have to buy cigarettes or even smoke it, they will all get it for free.

Heavy smokers is not the only ones happy with the pollution levels in the capital, Air purifier sellers were seen popping open Champagne bottles every night for the past few days.

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