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WTF!!! Tomato price is skyrocketing : Netizens says “Don’t buy Tomato, Order food from Zomato.”

The price of vegetables,especially tomato is skyrocketing in Andhra Pradesh . Read the full story to know more about it :

Tomato is the most important ingredient in kitchen which helps to add spice and taste in our food but this news of price hiking of tomato will just leave you in shock.

Incessant rain in Andhra Pradesh led to a huge loss for farmers as 80 percent of the crops have been destroyed in rain due to which price of vegetables especially tomato is skyrocketing.

The Mandnapalle market yard is one of the Asia’s largest market and the highest prices were previously reported was Rs 98 per kilo. The market exports to several parts of the country.

According to the sources, the market has not been getting stocks in some parts of the mandal. It added that high qualities tomatoes have gone up from Rs 6-14 per kilo wholesale at September end to Rs 50 to Rs 70 in last week.

All India model retail price of tomato stood at Rs 40 per kg on October 1 and shot upto Rs 50 per kg by end of the month. The prices further rose to Rs 80 per kg on November 23.

If the situation remains same then prices of vegetables especially tomatoes will soon cross the price of petrol which means that a day would come where ordering food from zomato would be cheaper than buying tomato . Netizens are against this price hiking of the vegetables as one user wrote on twitter “Burgers are free from McDonald’s but they are charging Rs 65 for just ketchup.”

There has been a sharp price in retail tomato prices in South India due to widespread moderate to heavy rainfall during the north east monsoon since first of November due to frequent formations of low pressure areas in Bay of Bengal, or cyclonic circulation in the Arabian sea. As a result tomato crop has been damaged causing tight supply.

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