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No Fear No Favour

Why do we fail to support our family and friends in their career while we get excited on celebrities starting their new ventures?

By Ishank Katyal

Starting your own business is never easy. It is quite risky when it comes to investing you and your family’s hard- earned money in it. But when one of your friends and family members start their own business ventures or their own YouTube channels, be it your cousin or your siblings, you barely support them.

Meanwhile your favourite Bollywood celebrity is starting their own venture or promote a brand we fully support as well as buy them just because they are the brand ambassadors From Hrithik Roshan’s HRX brand to Shilpa Shetty promoting a breakfast cereal, we get influenced easily and buy the products which they are endorsing.

But when your friends and family members start a new business of goods and services, you and your other friends demotivates them by calling their products “too expensive” and judge their capability  without giving a shot, despite of the fact that you are the one they need the most to grow their business.

Such things may happen because of your jealousy. Well yes! You read it right! It can be a possible reason that why you don’t support them, and the reason of your jealousy is that you guys know each other from a long time and they have also started their careers from the level where you are right now.

You can spend thousands and even lakhs on Justin Bieber or any international singer’s concert tickets but can’t subscribe to the YouTube channel of your friend who is a struggling artist. But you should not forget that you can also get the same type of demotivation and judgement from

the people around you when you will begin your own start- up which can badly harm your morale.

So next time you see a friend posting about their business, give them a quick like, follow their page on social media platforms and share it to your other friends and family members, even if you don’t want to buy their products and services. This can help your friends and family members to get new reach and motivate them to do better in their career.

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