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Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

In India, anything related to sex and everything having a sexual inclination is still considered a big taboo. People here refrain from discussing their sexual frustrations in a healthy manner. Talking about sex is still by large a hush-hush topic in our country.

At meal parties, people tend to talk about anything and everything but you don’t often hear conversations about masturbation or solo sex. It is still a taboo we are just too embarrassed to talk about.

Solo sex or Masturbation is taboo and people have a tough time discussing self-pleasure to the extent that they even disregard people who are open about it. You will either remain an outcast or an unbearable existence to those who hate accepting the fact that self-stimulation leads one to learn about their body and find out what they like.

It is easy to explain why it is considered a taboo? Over the ages religious groups have condemned masturbation, claiming it inhibits self-control and promotes sexual promiscuity. Even today, the Dalai Lama does not approve of it and traditional Catholic, Hindu, and Muslim doctrine say masturbation constitutes a moral disorder.

Lack of information about this ‘solitary’ experience has prevailed throughout human history till present times. This has not only remained one of the least understood or the least acknowledged arenas but has taken the form of sexual behavior galloped by guilt and shame. Scientific minds no longer negatively perceive masturbation or consider it an unsafe act, but a large section of the mass still think it is an immoral and shameful act and should be tucked away.

Even the existence of an idea that such a sexual activity in which sexual pleasure can be obtained in a solitary manner has been refuted. It is important for all of us to understand the health benefits of masturbation.

So, here are the best health benefits that healthy masturbation can provide to us –

  • Masturbation helps reduce headaches, muscle aches, etc, and is a great cure for insomnia.
  • Masturbation helps you to fight off depression. The endorphins released during sex or masturbation can improve your overall mood.
  • Masturbation can improve the immune system and contribute to overall health.
  • Masturbation also helps combat premature ejaculation. If you can train yourself to last longer solo you will last longer with your partner
  • Sexual arousal and orgasm produce a chemical called oxytocin which works as a natural pain reliever.
  • It helps to relax and relief after a stressful day.
  • Men who masturbate regularly are less at risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • For women masturbation allows you to explore and understand your body better, to know how you will be like when you have sex with a partner. This benefits both partners involved.

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