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The facts that prove how humble Amitabh Bachchan actually is

amitabh bachvhan
The facts that prove how humble Amitabh Bachchan actually is

Birthday wishes to the legend Amitabh Bachchan, who is turning 77 this year. A legend, a role model or anything extraordinary is what he is. Inspite of his succesfull carrier and his social awareness, he is so down to earth and humble. Here are some facts which make him a person he is today:

Culture at home: Father was a teacher and very well known poet. Mother was a social activist. When being humble is expected and respected at home that does make one humble.

Personal ups and downs: When one was rejected, had to struggle a lot, scale to the peak, experience setbacks and then rise to the top he knows that apart from personal hard work there is always this luck factor. This invisible hand of nature or God that is helping you. This invisible hand seems to help more when one is humble.

 From his childhood, he was surrounded by famous people. His father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan was the literary colossus of those times. His mother, Teji Bachchan was a social activist. They were great friends with Nehru family. He has grown up observing them. So humility came naturally to him.

People who rise from scratch and achieve great heights after witnessing hardships of life are generally humble. They also posses another quality which is complete devotion to their art and talent and not swayed by the limelight they get.

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