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Surveen faced casting couch: Director said ‘I want to know every inch of your body’

Surveen faced casting couch: said ‘I want to know every inch of your body’

Surveen Chawla recently in an interview with ‘Pinkvilla’ revealed about her casting couch experiences. She faced it more than five six times till now. She started her career smoothly with TV shows where she said she got in easy. It was after that she realised its not a piece of cake to make big into films.

She started auditioning for films and realised how difficult it is to get into this profession. You have to face hurdles and complications to get into it. There is this thing which everybody is familiar with called ‘Casting Couch’ and just like every other actress she also faced this casting couch.

Big directors in our industry have said things like, ‘ I want to see every inch of your body’ and she said,’ One director wanted to see my cleavage, some wanted to see my thighs. Some of them told me I am overweight. Some wanted to do recce of me.

She also confessed that these people were involved in metoo also. There names were a big highlight in that movement. Directors have said things like ‘ You are way too exposed because you have done television’ and now where are we today, you see that 180 degree shift in the mindset, she said.

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