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Nature would makes suffer,as we do to it: cloud burst in Uttrakhand

In uttrakhand,a terrible “cloud burst”, happened this morning.The rainfall and strong winds had distorted the places in the “chamseel gaao of Rudraprayag”.
Roads of” Paijal line and Krishi bhumi”, were adeversely affected.

As per the close source of NLC,no indivdual has been harmed in the disaster.
Responsible executives reached at the site, as soon as possible.

As far as the scientific information about the “cloud burst”, Cloudbursts occur because the warm air current from the ground or below the clouds rushes up and carries the falling raindrops up with it.The air current slows down or the clouds can’t hold.

According to the previous information,Uttrakhand has received 3% below normal rainfall during South West Monsoon 2018. Though the figure falls in normal category, however district level rainfall data paints a very different picture. Out of total 13 districts in the Himalayan state, four districts namely Almora, Pauri Garhwal, Tehri Garhwal and Udham Singh Nagar have received deficit rains, whereas three districts which includes Bageshwar, Chamoli and Haridwar have got rainfall in excess. Out of the rest six districts four are on marginally positive side and two are on marginally negative side.

The natural calamities would never fail to remind us, their existence, unless and until, we stop exploiting the natural resources like tress etc.
The sad fact is that population is increasing, every minute and the resources are limited, and so eventually when the mother-nature is not able to take the load, it gets tired and falls down.

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