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Money & Risks go hand in hand: 10 periodic hours to sustain period pain

In a world, where life has become completely monotonous, due to the tremendous work pressure and man is going into deep anguishness due to the hectic lifestyle, it is very organic to take supplements like multi-vitamins, to increase the efficiency of the body mechanism, but at the same time, there is a limit for everything in life. In Tamil Nadu, In many textile workstations, illegal drugs are been given to the women, to reduce their pain, occurring due to periods, such that they can work even in their periods, and the consistency of the work could be maintained.

As far as the strange fact is concerned, the drugs are given to the women without a recommendation from any doctor. The scenario is that women have to work for ten hours in a day and so when their period cycle occurs, they are enforced to take the pain-killer drugs, such that their work intensity does not get affected. If they would not take the drug, then they would experience pain, which will eventually prevent them from working and thereby, there will be a cut in their salary wages by the respective authority.

The women who take the drug, neither know the name of the drug, nor its expiry date.”The pills that are consumed the most are the ones for stomach ache, but I don’t know their names or their side effects,” said the woman. The side-effects which are associated with the respective drugs are depression, anxiety, urinary tract infection, fibroids, and miscarriages, etc.

According to an analysis statement created by two doctors, the drugs are believed to relieve the pain connected to the cramps and are non-inflammatory drugs deprived of any sort of steroids. They will promote the emergence of side-effects if they are taken regularly. The hard-hitting fact here is that to meet the demands of western authorities, the female workers are made to work, even in their periods. The supervisor buys these drugs without any proper prescription, and thereby it is organically unethical to make women work for ten hours, while she is on her periods. The women who work in such factories are financially unstable, illiterate and mostly belong to the village area.

It is extremely sad that we are living in such a place, where the work is given more importance than the health of an individual, just for the sake of profit, counted in the parameters of money, and on the other side of the coin, women are taking the risk of taking such drugs, as they cannot afford to miss their wage for one day even, because of their financially unstable condition. Hence it is very clear, that the shortage of money can make an individual take plenty of self-destructive risks, that threaten to exhaust his own existence, itself.

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