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No Fear No Favour

Miracle:Rash train at Maharashtra station could not harm the man hiding adjacent to platform.

Recently a strange incident happened in Asangaon railway station of Maharashtra, where a man was seen in a life-threatening situation, as he was stuck between train and the platform.

The only intention of the man was to cross the railwayline, and when he tried to do it, he got stuck, and eventually a train passed on that respective railway line, with a great intensity of speed, but it was not able to cause a single size of scratch on the man’s body.

After the train went away, the man was seen,hanging from a railway platform , wearing a blue shirt and eventually he hepled himself to cross the railwayline.

We do not know, whether the concept behind the magic is real or not, but miracles are real for sure, and here is an outstanding example of the line”jaago raake saaiyaan maar sake na koi.”

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