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No Fear No Favour

Know why Swara Bhaskar is getting trolled on social media with poster of Shame?

A picture on social took attention ,of man holding a poster saying ” Don’t be like Swara Bhaskar, use your finger wisely, use your finger to vote”. No, these people don’t get the society angry anymore. It’s a pity. With the moving steps towards every girls self sufficiency, their existence is also touching verge of elimination. If all the girl would compete to themselves, then where will they get ‘Sahara’ in the way to their old age?

These people who are being rectified by the last day of life in the shadows of a women, ask them how they are living at the level of self sufficiency. After playing in the lap of the mother, when they play with the heart of their beloved which milk is paid?

In childhood when he goes to schools, then he goes forward and becoming the intercept of another women’s career, then the sacrifice done by her sister also dies by strangling her own throat. Mother reduces to feed these, sister give up her dreams to fulfil his hobbies. To look forward to this the wife stays behind. All women, at all age, on all occasions, only to make them good enough, are being represented as incomplete.

And then when actress Swara Bhaskar potraits her-self of being able to own her own sexual desires then these people have problem with that too.
And also, as a society, are beyond threatened by the female body. Threatened by the skin of women .Threatened, by the breasts that feed your future generation. Threatened, by female orgasms (a concept much like Unicorns & Santa Claus to many), threatened by women masturbating, wanting to have sex , having their own sexual preferences or owning their sexuality in any way.

It is very difficult to get insecure of women’s self sufficiency and boldness. But the men doesn’t need to panic because even if women gets ahead of you, she will never leave you behind.

Don’t be afraid that bowing down will break your ego’s waist.
May be no one has said this so far but being a women is an art. And men will never be able to do this. May be that’s why we have got the happiness and good luck of creation.

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