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No Fear No Favour


Byline by – Vinayak Heliwal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who turned 70 on Thursday, saw greetings from the majority of the Indian Film Industry. Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn,Virat Kohli, Madhuri Dixit, and many more wished the Prime Minister on his special birthday with heartfelt messages, throwback pictures, and wishes.After that Prime Minister Modi responded and personally thanked them for their birthday wishes.

The PM recalled his meeting with Salman Khan and asked SRK if he is busy with the ongoing cricket tournament. The PM even praised Ajay Devgn’s Son Yug for planting trees on his birthday.It was exciting to see Prime Minister Modi expressing gratitude innovatively.

Take a look at the replies here:

It was interesting to note that Prime Minister Modi who has so much to look after starting from the foreign affairs, country’s economy, proper health conditions of co-workers and people especially in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic took time from his schedule and made a noteworthy detail of what is happening in celebrities life and wished them best for their future endeavors.

Netizens also set the social media abuzz with questions like How Come a Prime Minister keeps a track of what is happening in the personal lives of celebrities?

Interestingly, It was an impressive PR stunt By PM Modi’ssocial media handlers to acknowledge celebrities to ensure that his tweets remain trending on the occasion as the ‘National Unemployment day’ and ‘National Rozgar diwas’was trending the entire day.

The PR stunt was an excellent and successful move as Prime Minister Modi was able to grab the eyeballs of netizens and Bollywood celebrities who were pleased to be acknowledged in such a kind way.

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