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Inhumanity thunders in every 20 minutes: Strict action needs to be taken

In this insightful Indian subcontinent, where the no. of crimes are increasing day by day and the society has become completely ruthless, a crime that disturbs us to the peak, is “rape”. In India, after every 20 minutes, one rape happens. If we look at the insight of worst atrocities, deprived of any sort of insensitive comparison, then the first case would be of Kathua, where an 8-year old girl(Asifa Bano) was raped, murdered and abducted in Rasana Village near Kathua, in the Indian state of Jammu Kashmir, in 2018.

Then comes the ‘Sitapur rape case’, in which a father gifted her 35-year old daughter, to his friends and then, eventually they all raped her. Now, it is very clear that her father was not a human, and the incident is strongly disheartening. Then in Manipuri(Uttar Pradesh), a nine-year-old girl was raped by a thirteen-year-old boy, a 25-year-old man raped a 10-year-old girl in Chattisgarh. Then in Nagaon district in Assam, an 11-year-old girl was raped by a 21-year-old boy and two minor boys, and then a four-year-old girl was raped in the Rajwada area of Indore.

The Delhi gangrape of 2012 is extremely disheartening as a physiotherapy intern(Nirbhaya) was raped by six men. She was raped and injured by inserting an iron rod in her vagina. Then, Scarlet Keeling case of 2009, where a 15-year-old foreigner was raped, murdered and drowned in the sea, and everybody blamed her mother for her carelessness, which clearly signifies that women’s careless can get her raped and also signifies the bleak mindset of our Indian society, Then a 22-year-old girl(photojournalist) was raped by five men in Mumbai, and there are further thousands of uncountable cases occurring this respective second.

The rapists are not humans, and if they are humans, they cannot be even compared to the ‘mentally retarded’, individuals. Rapists are the criminals, who are inclined to create violence in the most obstructive way. Rape is not a crime of passion nor a spur-of-the-moment action. To the contrary, it is a well-considered act, in which a rapist targets the victim, trails her and plans his attack meticulously. Finding an opportunity, he acts decisively when the opportunity comes, with no malice or fear. He can wait for years for an opportune moment. With the aid of technology, many of the rapists, it has come to be known, had been stalking their victim. we need to educate the rural class of India, in the area of ‘women respect’, and then we need to take strict measures to punish the rapists, in order to signify the infinite ending intensity of this crime. As far as the punishment for rape in India is considered,that is if the sexual assault inflicts an injury which causes death or causes the victim to be in a persistent vegetative state, then the convicted rapist must be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment of at least twenty years and up to the remainder of the natural life or with a death penalty.”

It is very shameful that we use social media to express our hatred and make it a trend on social media and ironically we aim at burning candles to solve the crime, in spite of searching a true solution. The punishment needs to be so horrific that a rapist, thinks about infinite times before he touches a girl in that violent sense. Rape is a scar on the face of humanity, that needs to be treated with the tonic of ‘changed mindset’ and ‘good amount of awareness and unity towards erasing this crime forever’.

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