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Horses of the British era in independent India: credibility credits-Ram Nath Kovind.

Our president Ram Nath Kovind had reached, the parliament, along with the prime minister and vice-president of the nation. As he took the route to the Parliament, he was accompanied by the elite forces of PBG(The President’s Bodyguard), who were riding the horses. The elite forces were riding the horses because conventionally, PBG regiment is the successor of the Governor General’s Bodyguard of the British Raj.

Though in today’s time, we do not need such practices associated with the British Raj, just for the sake of ‘royalty representation’, of the prominent and important personalities. Because, if we do so, we are indirectly propagating the British rule once again, which would be the slap on the face of freedom struggle of our fighters like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose, etc.

The astonishing fact here is that some people still think that the” horse culture “, belongs to India, in this case, but ironically it damages the authenticity of our nation at its grass-root level.

As far as the insights of the parliament are concerned, today is the first day of the Rajya Sabha, since the BJP government had come to power. At 11:04 pm, President the parliament, and thereby he was received by the vice-president and the prime minister, after which he went to the Central Hall, where he had to begin to address the session after the band played the national anthem. He addressed the parliament and said that the higher number of women MPs is good for democracy. Further, he remarked the logo of the government”Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikaas, Sabka, Vishwaas”.

The president has taken the issues like”main focus on agriculture”,”steps for the improvement of water-conservation, methods”, “taking bank services to each and every citizen”,”protecting the economic security of small business”,”DBT(direct benefit transfer),such that government schemes are reaching the people without any leakage” and recently he stressed upon “women security and making our society deprived of the evils like ‘Triple Talaq’ and ‘Nikah Halala’, after which he took the issue of “zero tolerance for corruption” The parliament is still on its way to complete its journey for today.

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