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Hey Girls, don’t get fooled by these babas.

Swami chinmyanand
Hey Girls, don’t get fooled by these babas.

Recently, we all witnessed a scenario of what happened in Swami Chinmayanand’s case. Swami Chinmayanand ask favor from his University student to give him massage. So a student at a college run by him posted a video alleging sexual exploitation by Swami Chinmayanand.

He has been alleged with rape cases in previous years. He is a bad man for sure. He used his powers in a wrong way and molested so many girls inexchange of placing them in his university. Girls who doesn;t have any other option accepts these kinds of offers and do anything just for the sake of that position.

Chinmayanand is a bad man here for sure. But don’t you think it’s not only his fault? Girls who agree to do all this for the sake of their career is also wrong in my opinion. You just can’t blame a man always. There’s always two sides to a story. I agree if she takes one step forward, then he took three steps. because that is what happens in our country. A man has no control and is not even blamed most of the times.

But my concern here is that its not only one person’s fault. Girls have to stop letting others take benefit of them even if she doesn’t have any other option. You always have other options to make it in life and that can be implemented somehow.

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