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Google doodle celebrated Happy Earth Day

Google dedicated a doodle featuring Happy Earth Day to showcase the importance of this day at a larger extent. This year’s annual Earth Day Doodle takes us around the planet we call home to discover some of the awe-inspiring organisms which inhabit it. Specifically, the interactive slideshow Doodle explores six organisms across elevations—along with their earthly superlative! 

This year’s Earth Day doodle help viewers discover six awesome inspiring organism which are Wandering Albatross, Coastal Redwood, Paedophyrne Amauensis, Amazon Water Lily, CoelaKanth, Deep Cave Springtale.

Google stated the reason behind celebrating Happy Earth Day as “It’s very easy for us humans to think of ourselves as something apart or separate from nature. If you pick just one day a year to remember that we’re all of this earth as much as a worm, mountain, or tree, Earth Day can be that day.”

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