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Giant sperm whale caught in a fishing net off the Italian coast!

By Line: Purvi Jain

This is the weirdest story to go through. A giant sperm whale was caught in a fishing net at the off Italian coast.

Guard drivers and biologists were working today to rescue and free the animal near a tiny Mediterranean Island.

In a video by the coast guard, it can be seen that a diver slicing away some of the nets in the sea in the water surrounded by the Aeolian Islands archipelago.

On Saturday, boaters found that a giant sperm whale was struggling in the stretch of the Tyrrhenian sea off Italy’s west coast. On encountering this situation boaters contacted the coast guard.

The coast guard said on Sunday that the operation to free the whale was a difficult task ‘due to its state of agitation’ that didn’t allow continuous intervention near the whale.

Around three weeks ago, another sperm whale was also freed by the Italian coast guard which was trapped in the fishing net in the sea off the Aeolian Islands.

From the starting of this year, the coast guard has sequestered illegal nets of more than 100 km in length.

The coast guard says it has stepped out to combat illegal fishing.

The term that is given to accidental capture of the marine life in fishing gear is called ‘Bycatch’.

It is a global issue that has been affecting many different species consisting of seals, turtles, and sea birds.

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