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No Fear No Favour

From Attempting Suicide to being Forcefully Molested Contestants Reveal Their Bigger Secrets.

Byline by- Nitisha Nagpal

In the recent heart pouring episode of Bigg Boss season 14, we all witness the contestants revealing their deepest secrets. The contestants take us on a very raw, unfiltered, and emotional journey.

Starting with what seems like the power couple of the house turns up to be on the edge of separation. Rubina confessed that the reality show was a risk they took to mold their marriage for the better. While her spouse added that he went through depression after his first film didn’t perform well at the box office and this was a secret from even his wife and family.

Eijiaz shared that he got molested and went through child abuse and contestants like Kavita and Jasmin related to him and eventually Kavita shared her bit later on. When Nikki’s turn came she shared her kidnap incident and told that in the name of an international modeling assignment she was kidnapped and looted.

Jasmin briefed that she was on point of taking her own life due to facing rejection in the early stages of her career and now she understands that it was the biggest mistake of her life. The immunity stone went to Eijaz for putting himself totally out of his comfort zone and healing through the mental trauma. The episode concluded on a weird and emotional note leaving everyone feels vulnerable.

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