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Even the elderly can get recovered from covid: Read this story

Whether it is a young child, an adult, or a new-born. Almost everyone is trying to conquer the battle of covid-19 when infected. We try to shed some words of positivity and light-hearted news by sharing recovered patient’s story. This 110-year-old priest residing in Hyderabad named Teertha was infected by the virus and was showing moderate symptoms of covid but has made tremendous recovery for an elderly person, especially when elderly people are said to require more hospitalisation. The study by the central government also shows that, those above the age group of 45 are most likely to not survive once infected with the virus and those above 65 are the most vulnerable and prone to getting the infection or even be exposed to reinfection.

Teertha has devoted at least two decades in the Himalayas and lives in an Ashram situated inKeesara. When he was infected with covid, he was admitted to Gandhi Hospital. He has been advised to stay in the hospital for few more days and has been told to be observed and follow a liquid diet.

Amidst the chaos happening and people losing hope, stories like this shouts that even the most prone and vulnerable cases can show a sign of recovery when they are given the right treatment at the right time and are given a bed at the hospital as soon as possible. With the dedication and willingness to fight covid, one can finally achieve the result of being recovered from the virus and after all just look at Teertha! He gives us hope.

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