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Do you know how much money is required to make a politician popular

Nowadays, Social Media is the most powerful source for sharing information and creating an impression. Social Media has also now become the platform for all the political competition, and a tool of propaganda for their political games.

Recently with the help of ad library section, the amount spent by each individual or page in order to promote their single pictures or posts, millions are spent in order to create a buzz of their ideologies among the public via social platforms like Facebook and Instagram (Twitter and google adward data are not included in this story).

Here are some pages of political leaders that have spent a big sum amount on the promotion of their page.

Arvind Kejriwal –

Arvind Kejriwal himself has spent about Rs. 7,64,145 for his page promotion.

A fan page of Arvind Kejriwal, that has spent about Rs 5,26,143 within a week making it total of Rs. 8,69,875.

This together joins the sum total of Rs. 16, 34,020.

Amit Shah-

Amit Shah in total has spent more than Rs 2 lakhs in order to promote his page, just on Facebook.

Indian Youth Congress-

The Youth Wing of Indian National Congress is not very far behind on the promotion of their Social Media Pages. The total amount spent by the political party for the ad promotion on Facebook is Rs. 11,89,281.

Indian National Congress-

The official page of Indian National Congress spends has spent about Rs. 1,82,95,046 for the promotion and increase the visibility to the audience.

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)-

The world’s largest political party and the currently in power of the government spends about Rs. 9,63,163 within a week for the advertisement, also the total amount spent this year was of about Rs. 4,48,63,720.

Rahul Gandhi-

On the personal page handle, of the former-party chief of Indian National Congress has data of Rs. 1,39,128.

Digvijay Singh:

The INC leader Digvijay Singh has also spent about Rs. 2 lakhs for promotion his personal page

BJP West Bengal-

BJP has spent about more than Rs 5 lakhs on just the promotion of page for the West Bengal.

BJP Maharastra-

Rs 9,02,618 spent on the promotion of BJP Maharastra page

BJP Delhi-

About Rs 5 lakhs spent on the advertisement of BJP Delhi page

BJP Odisha-

BJP Odhisa had ad campaign costing Rs. 3,57,210.

INC Maharastra-

A big amount of about 15 lakhs has been spent on the promotion of the page

INC Madhya Pradesh-

Rs 1,76,241 spent on page promotion

Facebook has turned into a battlefield for these political identities to prove their power and followers and for that, there is no limit of finances spent.

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