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Byline by – Vinayak Heliwal

Ever came across the phrase ‘vanilla sex’ and wondered what it means? No, it’s not sloping vanilla ice cream on your partner while having sex. Well, Vanilla Sex refers to the conventional or plain sex that does not involve toys, props, costumes, third parties, bondage, domination, etc without any kind of kinkiness.

In a world where we find ourselves with tons of articles daily on how to make sex hotter, tips on making it kinkier, sex toys to spice up, etc we have forgotten the bliss of a nice clean session of simple sex.

We are all up for experimenting when it comes to sex to spice up our sexual pleasure so why miss the amazing Vanilla Sex. So here are some cool explanations about why vanilla sex is still, probably the best way to go about it.

1.It’s Easy – Vanilla Sex is simple and easy. You don’t have to overthink it before giving it a shot. You know how to do it and it doesn’t demand too many efforts, unlike kinky sex which is a huge burden.

2.You’re in Your Comfort Zone – Vanilla Sex is something you feel comfortable and great doing. While stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while is healthy, but it can be too stressful to do it every day. Luckily we have the smooth vanilla sex to help you out on those days.

3.It lets you focus on the big ‘O’ – While having kinky sex, there are a lot of things you need to consider and divert your attention to the prop you might be using, how is it working out for your partner, how is it working out for you should it belong longer, shorter, gentle or harder? Vanilla Sex lets you just focus on one thing that matters the most- orgasms.

4.There are no rules – When you outside of vanilla sex, there are lots of unusual things that must be considered. Vanilla sex, on the other hand, requires no standard procedures. It is so basic and normal that rules can without much of a stretch be forgotten completely.

5.It’s more than just missionary – Yes if you think vanilla sex is just one specific position then you are wrong. Vanilla sex can be hot too with different kinds of positions which lasts all night long. The only thing about vanilla sex is that it does not involve anything kinky, fetish, or risque.

6.It’s inexpensive – Sex toys, scented candles, special oil, etc can cost a lot to get especially of good quality. Vanilla sex helps you avoid pre-requirements.

7.It can be done right there on your comfy bed – You don’t have to think about a cool and energizing spot to do it, you don’t have to stress over somebody strolling in on you. You can do it in the comforts of our room.

8.You have time to truly connect with your partner – When you don’t have to think about awkward fantasies and adventures. You get a great cuddle time! This time can be utilized to genuinely bond and connect with your partner.

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