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Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Kissing is fun, whether you are on a first date or with someone you have been with for a long time. Pulling in close, rubbing noses, brushing your lips against theirs, all of these moves can be exciting and intimate. Kisses convey your spirits to the person you love or admire. A Passionate kiss from your partner often evokes an overwhelming sensation.

Every Kiss offers a special connection to the other person, whether it’s a kiss of friendship, passion, or a warm greeting, it gives out strong vibes.

Kisses are not just reserved solely for the face, and there’s plenty of places where a kiss on the body is welcomed.It is also said that a kiss is the expression of our souls which is why there are so many options to choose from .the fun is discovering them with someone you like.

So here are some of the different types of kisses and their meaning to make your kiss more sexy and fun for you and your partner.

  1. Forehead Kiss

A kiss on the forehead is a gentle expression of admiration. In a relationship, a Forehead Kiss often turns out to be a starter kiss for an intimate time ahead. Forehead Kiss also shows the trust and comfort of two people cherish among themselves. If you think you are a passionate kisser then do try the different styles of kissing. Brush your lips against your lover’s forehead gently to conjure the sensation of affection.

2. Single Lip Kiss

A Single Lip kiss involves a subtle action, but it can mean a lot to your mate. Single Lip Kisses often serve as suggestive acts, reciprocating that you are already into intimacy. This kind of kissing may involve little sucking, or a bite and a twist. However, do not mix it up with a French kiss. Gently part your lips and sandwich your partner’s ones between yours. Single Lip Kisses are sexy indeed and you may give a soft nibble to arouse your partner.

3. The French Kiss

If you ever thought that the French Kiss was invented in France then you are completely mistaken! It was originated in America and Great Britain. This is one of the different kinds of kisses, which is considered adventurous due to the usage of the tongue to stimulate the oral senses of a partner.

The French Kiss typically starts with a lip kiss and slowly proceeds to passionate deep kissing with tongues. It certainly indicates a strong intimate relationship between them both. Of course, quite often, The French Kiss can lead to a lusty, fully blown out session.

4. Cheek Kiss

Kisses on Cheeks indicate signs of intimacy, endearment, and of course affection. When you kiss on the cheeks of your partner, your lips should be kept slightly parted. A delicate brush against your lover’s cheek and a slight suck can arouse a great sensation of love.

5. Kiss on the hand

The culture of kissing on hand started in the European nations, where it was treated as a gesture of admiration and respect. In the contemporary period, hand-kissing represents multiple meanings depending on who is kissing whom and in what context. It’s one of the most acceptable types of kisses in the world.

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