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No Fear No Favour

Amul mascot girl new facial caricature taking a dig at the government over increased fuel price is a new internet sensation.

The steep rise in the fuel rise is a new ticklish situation for pro vehiclites (people who even visit supermarket and vegetable mandi in a four-wheeler). Since the last few weeks, the constant hike in fuel (petrol & diesel) price has reached approx INR 100 in India. Amul the dairy private limited company has shared a creative where the Amul girl is showing anxious expression while getting her mini car fuelled at a pump station with a tagline “Painful Increase”.

Amul this creative seems to be saga of its 2013 creative when during UPA government fuel price reached INR 70, it shared a creative with tagline “Gaadi Rula Rahi Hai?” A few days ago Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi shared Amul 7-year old creative and tried reflecting the impact of fuel hike on common people.

Post the arrival of the 2013 saga creative, netizens have bombarded the Internet with memes. A Twitter user Sanitary Panels tweeted, “Interesting to see the Amul girl’s facial expressions complaining about fuel prices in 2013 vs in 2021.”

Another twitter user Mohammad tweeted, “And finally, bhakts can start boycotting Amul.”

Below are some of the Twitter reaction about new Amul creative:

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