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Amid the increasing COVID 19 cases, the railway has proposed drastic change in its operations: Know Here

The railways have issued its statement regarding the operation of trains amid cases of increasing corona infection in the country. Railway Board Chairman Suneet Sharma said on Friday that so far no state has requested to discontinue train services. Regarding the precautions being taken regarding the Corona infection, wherever the states have expressed concern about the prohibited areas, random checks of the passengers are being done.

Not only this, on the arrival at the railway destination, passengers will have to go through the COVID test.

Sunit Sharma (Railway Board Chairman) told reporters that according to the railway, all the states are following the protocol given on the IRCTC ticket booking website. Not only this but it is also being told on the website that traveler needs to get an RT-PCR check or get a Covid-19 negative certificate before going. It is also being told on the website that on reaching, passengers will have to go through the screening process of Covid.

Sunit Sharma (Railway Board Chairman) said that at present no state has appealed to stop operating trains. State governments in areas where there is a concern are discussed with the Railways on this issue. Random checks are being carried out by the Railways wherever there are prohibited areas. Railway has given all the information on the website of e-ticketing. Passengers are being told that after arriving at the destination, they will have to be examined or they will have to carry a certificate of Covid-19 negative.

As a precaution against Corona infection, the railway is doing thermal scanning of passengers. Not only this but notification has also been issued on the amount of fine to be charged from those who do not follow the Covid-19 protocol. Sharma, chairman of the Railway Board, ruled out the possibility of running Shramik Special trains. He said that trains will be running as per the demand and requirement. Platform ticket prices have also been increased to prevent congestion.

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