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No Fear No Favour

A transwoman’s plea seeking why transgenders are excluded from joining NCC is a new internet storm.

A transwoman moves the Kerala high court for the exclusion of transgender from joining the National Cadet Corps (NCC). Her please is the new sensation for the news junkies as till now as per the NCC provisions only males and females were allowed to join NCC and take the training.

To her plea, Kerala high court responded, “We have received a reply affidavit from the petitioner, we want to file an additional affidavit to the same. Ten days time may be granted.”. To which, “the petitioner respond, “Milord, this is a delaying tactic,” Bar and Bench tweeted.

For now the Kerala high court has adjourned the hearing on this matter. To seek the conclusion will have to wait for the proceedings into this matter.

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