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World’s most expensive resorts in Karnataka: Karnataka Politics

Congress-JDS alliance led government is in danger as 12 of its MLA have submitted their resignation to speaker Ramesh Kumar. Karnataka former home minister Ramalinga Reddy has submitted his resignation as an MLA.

Along with Reddy, his daughter MLA Sowmya Reddy has also submitted her resignation to the speaker. When Reddy asked about the reason behind the resignation. He said “I was the former home minister of the state and the current government has not offered any ministry to me or my daughter.

Reddy has denied all the suspicion of any offer from BJP.

Congress troubleshooter Shivakumar has manager to add Ramalinga Reddy and 3 other MLA’s into his crew of resigning candidates. There was a heard tussle between Karnataka deputy CM Parameshwara and Ramalinga over the Bengaluru garbage tender that was supposed to be Ramalinga’s turf.

There are 10 other MLA’s along with Ramalinga Reddy, who has submitted their resignation to speaker Ramesh Kumar.

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