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Teenager ran over her Audi on a 68- year old Sleeping Security Guard, kills him

By Ishank Katyal

Chennai: An 18- year old teen in Chennai killed a 68- year old security guard while he was sleeping by allegedly running her Audi car over him.

The incident took place in the night of September 2 2020 at Foreshore Estate in Chennai. At the time of the incident, the teenager was trying to park her car in the apartment complex where Sivaprakasham worked as a security guard.

According to the reports, the 18- year old Aparna parked her car in the parking area of the complex and went inside her house and was unaware of the incident.

After that, Chennai Police arrived after receiving alert from the residents. Then they informed Aparna and her family about Sivaprakasham lying dead in bloodshed and showed them the CCTV footage as the evidence.

Aparna was charged 304(A) (death due to negligence) in the FIR report filed by the police. However, she was let out on bail.

The dead body of Sivaprakasham was sent for autopsy to check if the victim had consumed the alcohol or not.

Sivaprakasham was a former government servant who had started working as a security guard only a week before.

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